Bounty Hunter

Expert trackers, brutal combatants, and effective investigators.

Career Skills: Athletics,Brawl, Perception, Piloting – Planetary, Piloting – Space, Ranged – Heavy, Streetwise, Vigilance.

Assassin – Instrument of Policy

An Assassin specialize in killiing their targets instead of merely capturing them.

Specialty Skills: Melee,Ranged – Heavy,Skulduggery,Stealth

Tier Talents
1 Grit (Bonus to Strain)
Lethal Blows (Bonus to crit hit rolls)
Stalker (Add Boost Die to Stealth and Coordination checks)
Dodge (May take dodge action to increase defense)

Gadgeteer Connoisseur of Tech

A Gadgeteer uses myriad gadgets to hunt and bring dowen his target.

Specialty Skills: Brawl, Coercion, Mechanics, Ranged – Light

Tier Talents
1 Brace (reduce shot penalties)
Toughened (Wound Bonus)
Intimidating (Make Coercion checks easier)
Defensive Stance (Increase defense against Melee)

Survivalist Master of the Wild

A survivalist thrives in the wild.

Specialty Skills: Knowledge – Xenology, Perception, Resiliance, Survival

Tier Talents
1 Forager (make finding food easier, spend less time making survival checks)
Stalker (Add Boost Die to Stealth and Coordination checks)
Outdoorsman (Remove Setback Die from checks to move through terrain or manage environmental effects
Expert Tracker(Remove Setback Die frin tracking checks and spend less time making tracking checks)

Bounty Hunter

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