Skills: Charm, Deception, Knowledge(Core Worlds), Knowledge(Education), Knowledge(Lore), Leadership, Negotiation, Streetwise

Doctor (The Gift of Healing)

Skills: Cool, Knowledge(Education), Medicine, Resiliance

Talents (Tier 1): Surgeon(Extra healing), Bacta Specialist(extra healing long term care), Grit(Strain Bonus), Resolve(Reduce strain)

Politico (The Gift of Leadership)

Skills: Charm, Coercion, Deception, Knowledge(Core Worlds),

Talents (Tier 1): Kill with Kindness(reduce charm and leadership penalties), Grit(Strain Bonus), Plausible Deniability(reduce coercion and deception penalties), Toughened(Wound Bonus)

Scholar (The Gift of Kowledge)

Skills: Knowledge(Outer Rim), Knowledge(underworld), Knowledge(Xenology), Perception

Talents (Tier 1): Respected Scholar(Decrease difficulty of knowledge checks), Speaks Binary (Bonus when directing droids), Grit (Strain bonus), Brace(Reduce Shot Penalties)


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