Skills: Cool, Knowledge(Lore), Knowledge(Outer Rim), Knowledge(Xenology), Perception, Piloting(Space), Survival

Fringer (Discovering Possibilities)

Skills: Astrogation, Coordination, Negotiation, Streetwise

Talents (Tier 1): Galaxy Mapper(reduce astrogation penalties), Street Smarts(Reduce streetwise and Knowledge(Underworld penalties), Rapid Recovery(Recover strain faster), Street Smarts(taking the same talent twice increases effect)

Scout (Discovering New Planets)

Skills: Athletics, Medicine, Piloting(Planetary), Survival

Talents (Tier 1): Rapid Recovery(Recover strain faster),Stalker(Bonus to Stealth and Coordination), Grit(Bonus Strain), Shortcut(bonus in chases)

Trader (Discovering New Markets)

Skills: Deception, Knowledge(Core Worlds), Knowledge(Underworld), Negotiation

Talents (Tier 1): Know Somebody(find rare items), Convincing Demeanor(Remove penalties for Deception and Skullduggery), Wheel And Deal(bonus when selling legal goods), Smooth Talker(Big bonus for one of Charm, Coercion, Deception,or negotiation)


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